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GMV is an innovative investment consultant group based in Lisbon, Portugal. The company was founded in the year 2000, and throughout the following years, has been active in many areas of business, not only in Portugal, but worldwide, including the secondary and tertiary sectors (primarily metal mechanic, civil construction, engineering, architecture, marketing, accounting, information technology and finance). 

Over the last four years GMV has serviced, partnered with, founded, acquired and financed, several businesses with the sole purpose of expanding our expertise and maintaining our belief in a global economic scope. This expansion has widened the geographic reach of the group beyond Portugal and into Spain, Malta, Brazil, USA and China and also, strengthened our commercial opportunities. 

Maintaining our business model within the European reality, GMV will continue to gain more international market knowledge and will strive to achieve additional business goals and objectives. We will strengthen our network through practical business and venture approaches. GMV is an investor and will keep establishing new companies or acquiring equity on existing corporations, either as a financial or management partner.



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Partnerships are the foundation of our investment strategy and consulting services. We work with clients and associates to ensure comprehensive risk-benefit analyses are understood by all parties. We personalize investments to associates’ specific expectations and our services are tailored to the each client's specific needs. We know that we can only achieve positive results if we join in the same believes.

The sovereign world crisis has impacted Europe and Portugal not only resulting in poor economic growth and financial difficulties, but also, after significant restructuring, enormous business advantages: cost efficient installed capability, highly qualified and accessible human resources, low investment in advanced and available technologic know-how, and many others. We have, as a successful Portugal-based company, specialized in finding, analyzing and acting on these opportunities.

Although we understand the advantages of being a European/Portuguese company, our approach would not be possible without our vast expertise in export markets. The world is not within borders and all businesses need to be ready to expand and succeed in a global market. Not only do we have a group of international partners and affiliates, but also deep knowledge in several non-European countries.



Interactive technology between performer and public for online live entertaining events.

IT Startup

A true and unique window to the soul of heritage. Tradicional products with a new look.

Product Sale Startup

Luxury villas in one of the best locations in Portugal. Contemporary architecture and top quality construction.

Real Estate

Inteligent content for building information modelling projects. A breakthrough in a standard for the future.

IT Startup

The true personalization webstore, where all your unique creativity vision and creativity has no limits.

Online Store

Inovating construction using composite panels, a technology that originated in the aeronautical and naval industries.

Construction Materials

To reshape the music, event and arts business. We find ways to create emotions in every event and contacts.


Luxury turism lodging without the risk of location and season. The only way to increase a hotel offer on the same day.

Turism Innovation



Please use the information bellow to contact us.

GMV, Lda. / Headquarters

Adress: Rua Santa Joana 41, 2750-110 Cascais

E-mail: info@gmv.pt

TRX Offices (Joint Venture)

Latin America

Praia de Botafogo, 228 – 16th Floor
22250-040 / Rio de Janeiro – RJ
+55 21 3823 7012

Av . Callao 1790/ 8 Q
Buenos Aires
+54 9 11 6647 3358

GMV Headquarters
Rua de Santa Joana 41
2750-110 Cascais

Langmatt 478,
5112 Thalheim AG
+41 79 355 78 13

92, Cornwall Gardens 7
SW7 4AX South Kensington &
Chelsea - London
+44 20 33 18 11 31
North America

1010, Sherbrooke West suite 1800
Montreal (Quebec) H3A 2R2
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