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innovative consultancy


GMV is an investment consulting company based in Lisbon and part of a private equity group. The company was founded in the year 2000 with the purpose of providing quality IT services for Portugal, although, its equity holders have been active in many business areas worldwide, including but not only: engineering and construction, real estate, information technology and financial consulting and services. 


Over the last decade GMV has partnered, founded, acquired and financed, several businesses in Portugal with the objective of expanding expertise and economic scope. The new share holding company has owned equity in more than 20 companies, this national expansion has strengthened the group viable opportunities beyond the country borders: Spain, Malta, EUA, Mexico, Brazil, UAE, Cameroon and China.


Maintaining our business model within Portugal and the European standards, GMV will expand on business knowledge and endeavor to achieve its goals. Our national and worldwide network is built on practical business and venture approaches and makes us a capable partner for any investment in Portugal aiming locally or exporting to other international markets.

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