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GMV is part of a private equity group and an investment consultant company based in Lisbon. The company itself was founded in the year 2000, with the sole purpose of IT services for Portugal, although the equity holders have been active in many areas of business worldwide, including: engineering and construction, real estate, information technology development and financial consulting and services.

Over the last six years GMV has partnered, founded, acquired and financed, several businesses in Portugal with the purpose of expanding expertise and economic scope. Now a holding company, it owns equity in more than 15 companies, this national expansion has strengthened the group commercial opportunities as a whole beyond the borders mainly: Spain, Malta, Brazil, EUA and China.

Maintaining our business model within Portugal and the European reality, GMV will continue to gain more business knowledge and, will strive, to achieve all its goals. Our national and worldwide network built through practical business and venture approaches makes GMV a capable partner for any investment in Portugal with aiming locally or exporting to the EC or other international markets.



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Partnerships are the foundation of our investment strategy or our consulting investment services. We work to ensure that comprehensive risk-benefit analyses are understood by all parties. We personalize investments to associates specific expectations and tailor to each business specific needs. We know that we can only achieve positive results if we join in the same believes.

The sovereign world crisis has affected Europe/Portugal with poor economic growth and financial difficulties, but today, after significant restructuring, we see enormous business advantages: cost efficient, high qualified human resources, available technologic know-how, and solid established services and products. We have specialized in finding, analyzing and acting on these opportunities.

Although we understand the advantages of being a European/Portuguese company our approach would not be possible without our vast expertise in export markets. The world is not within borders and all businesses needs to be ready to expand and succeed in a global market. Our shareholders guarantee this deep knowledge and network in this worldwide reality.



Interactive technology between performer and public for online live entertaining events.

IT Startup

A true and unique window to the soul of heritage. Tradicional products with a new look.

Product Startup

Luxury villas in one of the best locations in Portugal. Contemporary architecture and top quality construction.

Real Estate

Inteligent content for building information modelling projects. A breakthrough in a standard for the future.

IT Startup

The true personalization webstore, where all your unique creativity vision and creativity has no limits.

Product Startup

Inovating construction using composite panels, a technology that originated in the aeronautical and naval industries.

Construction Innovation

To reshape the music, event and arts business. We find ways to create emotions in every event and contacts.


Luxury turism lodging without the risk of location and season. The only way to increase a hotel offer on the same day.

Turism Innovation

Innovative new construction technologies to reach a wider range of applications and develop the future.


A global company based in Lisbon - PT with skills in different areas like business, marketing, finance services and technology.


Development of a simple tourism experience to a new more organized standards and technologies regarding management and services.

Tourism Innovation

Luxury villas in one of the best locations in Portugal. Contemporary architecture and top quality construction.

Real Estate

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